Why You Really, Like Really Really, Should Not Skip Leg Day

Who knows that type of person who wears the singlet, gets that pump on walks around the gym think they’re hot s**t, however conveniently wears long shorts to hide their suspicious chicken legs? I think we’ve all seen those people in our life time and if you haven’t you have not been to the gym in some time.

What’s Up With The Chicken Legs Bro?

When asked they’ve blurted out the reason being that “I’ve gotta get that pump man!”, or “My knee’s hurt when I squat”, when in reality, the majority of the time these are actual excuses and why is that? Well, because it’s damn hard work training the lower extremity of the human body, and some people just don’t like putting in hard work. But hey, that’s up to them isn’t it?

Fair enough some people have genuine injuries to their knee’s, maybe squatting isn’t the best thing for those guys and girls. But what about doing Romanian Deadlifts instead, where your knee stays locked and you mainly use you glutes, hamstrings and lower back to complete the lift?

Honestly most people skip leg day because they are lazy, pure and simple. it’s easier to get a mad bicep pump then it is to consistently work your lower body for months on end to build up big in the legs. But here is why you are hurting yourself by skipping leg day!

The harder the workout, the better the gains

Well, within reason this is entirely true, we can determine the quality of an exercise when we push ourselves during it (safely), by discovering the level of discomfort is pushes us to. But as we said before, the majority of individuals avoid hard work. Why should they take time out of their busy upper body schedules to train legs?

  • Burn More Calories: The muscles you have in your legs are without doubt the largest you have in your body, moving these large muscles requires a great amount of energy, thus in turn you’re going to burn more calories. Huge compound movements like squats and deadlifts require the majority of muscle fibers your body, therefore you will utilise a ton of energy in performing them. You can do the ‘beach weights’ all day long, but nothing’s going to get that metabolism going like deadlifts and squats.
  • Produce More Testosterone: This is the funny one for the guys who train upper body all day long… Training legs actually increases the levels of testosterone and growth hormone produced by the human body! SO if you’re looking to increase muscle mass and accelerate growth get under the bar and Squat!
  • Firm Up Those Buns: A damn peachy behind! Guy or girl, a spectator can always appreciate a fine set of Glutes ;)
  • Improve Your Game: Do you partake in sports outside of the gym, particularly competitive? Training your lower body will completely improve your athleticism, as all the majority of power in these sports is found in the lower body. Opening and closing of the hip is involved in most athletic movements, so get training!

To sum it all up, in reality you don’t need to be in the gym everyday smashing your lower body to earn ‘the gains’ however, by consistently working through a solid leg programme you will certainly see results.

When working the legs you will burn more calories, so if you’re seeking to burn that body fat, it’s certainly a good idea to add them in. And in addition to that you’ll gain muscle mass… There’s no losing is there!

What Classes Does Unit 27 Offer For Improved Legs?

Unit 27 has the following classes which work your lower body to the max and help you enjoy those crazy fun leg days instead of dreading them!

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