Operation Transformation: Bespoke Weight Loss Phuket

Operation Transformation: Bespoke Weight Loss Phuket

Operation Transformation, a new bespoke weight loss program for Phuket, Thailand

Today, we announced that we are launching a new, bespoke version of our weight loss program. The program or as we like to call it ‘Operation Transformation’ has been proven to help our members improve fitness and achieve sustainable and permanent weight loss results. It involves a combination of training, exercises, nutrition planning and we’re adding intense customization to the whole process. We will tailor each persons operation to the unique health and fitness profile of each member.

The new Unit 27 way of weight loss is different because it’s a cross between our specialized knowledge and your distinct, needs. Of course, everyone says diet and exercise will help you lose weight but that’s not a major revelation. What matters is figuring out what it’s going to take for you to lose weight – what will it take to get to your target weight, to stay there and to be happy about it. Operation Transformation weight loss is a total picture package that we take very seriously.

Unit 27 is coming to this from a position of advantage, one that we have earned through proven results and hard work not just by our clients but by our highly qualified and experienced trainers. We’re the region’s leading specialized weight loss facility with a #1 rating on TripAdvisor for things to do in Phuket, Thailand. We employ UK qualified nutritionists and instructors with graduate degrees in health, fitness and weight loss specialties.

Unit 27’s coaches match your training program to fit with a custom nutrition plan and then meet with you weekly to monitor and adjust the plan to ensure maximum weight loss efficiency.

As an added bonus, we use the Tanita BC 418 Segmental body Fat Analysis Machine to ensure a true benchmark and progress for your body changes, be it weight loss or muscle gains, there are no half truths in this science. As an optional part of our weight loss and management program, Unit-27 has Muscle Bar restaurant within its arsenal, providing healthy and bespoke tailored meal plans to you body type and goals

For more information about Operation Transformation, visit the Operation Transformation info page!

If you are ready to get serious about your health, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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