Why isn’t that body fat shifting?

Why isn’t that body fat shifting?

Having Trouble Getting Rid Of Stubborn Body Fat, Is Your Mind In The Right Place To Lose It!

Body Fat, the two most popular and concurrently hated words in the fitness industry today, and the two words that’re utilised by huge brands to coerce individuals into investing in their promised products. Obviously we all love the ability to see the difference in our before and after pictures, and that drop in body fat percentage, but the process isn’t as smooth as we’d expect it to be sometimes, is it?

Running on treadmills for numerous hours while reducing our carbohydrate intakes and taking some promised thermogenic product that’s sworn by, from some Instagram famous individual, sound familiar? Well in reality, the process is far more natural than most people first anticipate, we, the human being are natural creatures, so surely we should treat ourselves with natural care and love before we even begin to think of anything else.

First and foremost, what’s going on with that attitude? Is your mind-set where it needs to be?

Take a second and imagine what it would be like to be in the position where you want to be right now, whether that’s a crunching abs, a peachy bum or boulder shoulders hanging that singlet perfectly. Take that feeling and own it, place it firmly inside your head, and remember that this is now the feeling you’re chasing, and the feeling you desire, now… Start feeding it.

It’s all good having a specific numerical goal in mind, but it’ll always be at the end of the rainbow in which you’re desperately chasing. Instead, take another approach and set yourself goals with no numerical value, all small goals that will supplementary bring you forward to the end goal which you were chasing in the first place.

Forget the fear of carbs

Let go, and realise that as human beings we were designed throughout evolution to consume the macronutrient – carbohydrates. And in reality, the lack of carbohydrates can be detrimental to our performance. They’re in fact the main source of fuel for our bodies, whether its physical activity, brain function or general operation of organs.

Glucose is the by-product of carbohydrates and a certain amount is immediately utilised, and the rest is stored for later use. Carbohydrates are vital to performance and if your intake is dwindled down to nothing, then you will suffer. To perform you need energy, it’s simple.

Remember, food is to be eaten

Your food on your place is to be eaten and the consumption of it can dictate the general productivity of your body in numerous ways.

The rate in which you consume your meals has a huge effect on the ability for your body to digest everything in that particular meal. Be wary, and chew your food, take your time, and enjoy the food. Take some time out, and de-link from the outside world, forget the TV, forget the computer, and certainly forget the phone. Take some time out to yourself to just eat your food and relax, you’ll be surprised what this can do for you. Mix up the food in which you eat, don’t eat the same thing all the time, variety is the spice of life is it not? By eating the same thing every day, you’re not only going to grow bored of the menu, but you’ll be limited to certain list of nutrients, and your body may need more.

Feeling bloated? Feel like that food doesn’t sit well with you? ‘Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’, what’s that the definition of? Insanity. If you continue to eat the same foods, the same results will occur, and if the results are detrimental, then well, insanity ensues. Be aware of your hunger level, this can work in both directions, whether it’s that you don’t need to finish your plate, or in fact delve into seconds and thirds.

Consume the fats

Don’t consume too much fat, it’ll make you fat. Well, trust me, there’s a lot worse things out there to do than consume healthy fats. And although fat is the most energy-dense substance we consume, its absolute necessary for hormone production and cell membrane function. The diets that limit the consumption of fats tend to replace all those calories with carbohydrates and although earlier I told you not to fear carbohydrates.

I must make it clear that the sole consumption of only carbs, and to an extenuating amount will be detrimental, so remember, everything in moderation. By replacing fats with carbohydrates give you a front of queue ticket to the blood sugar roller coaster, and this will in turn effect the balance of your blood sugar and insulin levels, effecting your cortisol levels. Which then signals your body to store body fat.

By implementing dietary you can not only keep energy levels more balanced, but also keep hunger at bay. If you’re not too sure of what to put into your diets then look for coconut oil, avocado, olives and so on.

If stress burnt calories, then we’d all be where we want to be

Stress is one of the worst things our bodies undergo throughout life, and unfortunately is a natural by-product of life itself. The number 1 driver of disease in humans and the biggestthreat to our metabolic balance.

Cortisol needs to be in a state of balance to reduce body fat, and if your body is constantly in a state of threat then unfortunately your cortisol levels will be sky high.

You can’t improve your body when your mind is completely over-encumbered. To help alleviate that feeling of being out of your depth, try doing something like Yoga with us here at Unit 27, a good clean natural burn that helps clear your mind and strengthen your body.

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