Island Battleground Competition

Island Battleground Competition

Unit-27 Coaches and Co. Competed at Island Battlegrounds

Tiger Muay Thai held the IBG (Island Battleground Competition) last month, February 16th and 17th 2019, and we had 6 individuals from Unit-27 CrossFit Phuket attend and fly the black and white flag of Unit-27 and man did they do well:

  • Adrian Allen & Natalie Bruynooghe
  • Ryan Fryer & Jibby Nichapha
  • Tamika La Toya & Wayne Simcoe

Over the space of 2 days Unit-27’s team went and competed amongst an elite level of athletes. With an array of workouts including complex movements from pistol squats to double-unders and max efforts on Ski Ergs and Wall Balls, all athletes that competed were pushed to their absolute limits, having to dig harder than ever before.

When the dust settled on the island Unit-27’s Adrian Allen and Natalie Bruynooghe took the podium with a 3rd place finish. With that said, all 3 teams that entered from Unit-27 were sniffing a podium spot and we couldn’t be prouder of them.

A special congratulations to Tiger Muay Thai for holding a brilliant competition, and Unit-27 looks forward to Phuket continuing to develop to be the worlds #1 fitness destination, worldwide.

Podium CrossFit

See what they had to say!

“An amazing weekend at IBG, with not only the Unit-27 crew, but also friends from all over Phuket. Taking part in my first CrossFit team event I had no idea what to expect, but once we got started thats it. The adrenaline kicks in as well as the excitement, and that’s certainly something you cannot train for. To participate along side a good friend in Natalie made the entire weekend more enjoyable than I could have ever imagined.If you have never entered a competition of this kind, I cannot encourage you enough to put your name down and get involved. Set yourself that goal, and when that day finally arrives, believe in yourself, and enjoy it for what it is!”Adrian Allen

“Competing can be stressful, you of course feel the pressure to perform well, but the majority of this pressure is internal. This is what you do, you train hard to be the best you can be, and not to have any excuses why it doesn’t go to plan. With my partner Adrian, we made the podium, we achieved third spot against some seriously abled athletes. It was worth every drop of sweat, muscle ache and bruise. I loved representing the Unit-27 fam, and competing with our awesome crew of coaches.. On to the next one!”Natalie Bruynooghe

“It was our first every time competing in a CrossFit competition, and we were lucky enough to partake alongside one another. We obviously presented Unit-27 and it was the most incredible feeling, however concurrently one of the most painful experiences. Unit-27 as a team fought through every event, with a number of incredible athletes surrounding us. This platform provided us with the ability to test ourselves, and we can certainly confirm we will competing again! “Ryan Fryer & Jibby Nichapha

“IBG was a hell of a weekend! With so many amazing athletes sharing the floor it made for some tough competition both within our squad & outside also. Thanks to Unit-27 for sponsoring us for the weekend, and allowing us to showcase both our heart, and skill”Tamika La Toya

“What an awesome 2 days of competition at IBG. Competing against some seriously seasoned athletes allowed for so much personal growth coming away from it. I would like to thank Unit-27 for the sponsorship, I loved representing our gym & I look forward to partaking in competitions to come”Wayne Simcoe

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