Rest & Recovery – How Much & When?

Rest & Recovery – How Much & When?

Over Training Is Nearly As Bad As Not Training

R&R (Rest & Recovery) is often overlooked by athletes, however it is an essential element of any training program. We as athletes find ourselves engaging in a specific customized program, and from there become fully invested in it, leading to the possibility of over-doing it and potentially going backwards and not forward.

It is common sense when you really start to think about it, do you really think that our bodies can continuously push themselves to their limits over and over again? The answer if you’re wondering is no, eventually it’ll break no matter how tough you think you are.

Customers in the Swedish Sauana at Unit 27 Gym in Phuket, Thailand

There is more than one way to relax on a rest day!

Every evening we need to go to sleep, this provides our bodies with the time to recover and get ready for the next day ahead. Although during the period in which we slumber we do recover, that doesn’t necessarily mean we receive all the recovery we need.

Your muscles that have been specifically targeted during your workouts need further time to repair themselves, this repair time can follow a specific weights program, a heavy intensive cardio session or as simple as introducing new exercises into your program. In reality the days in which we rest, and allow our bodies to recover are the ones in which our muscles grow and become more efficient.

When taking a rest day, a lot of coaches including myself won’t necessarily program an individual to sit at home, watch movies and do nothing all day. We actually encourage our athletes to get out and take part in some form of recreational activity, not applying too much pressure to the athlete, but to get the body moving, the blood pumping and feel good about themselves because it is not all about grueling workouts and training.

Here are some recommended recreational activities for you guys to possible tuck into during your rest days:

Stretch/Foam Roll: Take some time out, calm your stresses and stretch/foam roll out those tight hips, shoulders, or whatever maybe niggling at you.

Take a Hike: Put those walkers on and take a long walk, put a pair of headphones in, or bring someone with you. Preferably get out into the outdoors, and by doing so let your head clear and be ready for the next day of training to come.

Swimming: Due to the weightlessness of swimming, your body doesn’t undergo any pressure on its joints however will recruit the muscle fibres.

Yoga: Extra mobility work can never be looked down on, and it can certainly be done during an active recovery day. Each joint is stretched, and applied stress, but only through a safe means of motion.

Core & Flexibility session at Unit 27 Gym in Phuket Thailand

Core & flexibility classes can make for great recovery sessions

Cycling: Once more an opportunity for the athlete to engage in a less weight bearing, and joint pressured activity, but concurrently carrying out a great aerobic activity.

Obviously, if you feel it necessary, then potentially stay at home and chill, but active recovery can be a great way for you to get outside, clear your head, even spend time with those loved ones and prepare yourself for the days to come.

Remember rest days are just as important as training days when you are pushing it to the limits, look after yourselves and be safe in your training with a good recovery plan!

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