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CrossFit® is an integral part of the Unit 27 training system. We cater to both beginners & experienced CrossFitters! Our classes can be planned up to two weeks prior to it actually happening. Our classes entail many things, but here at Unit 27 we pride ourselves on the safety and precision of our training system and injury prevention is our number one concern.

Training usually begins with a warm-up including stretching, mobility work and foam roller work. After this we move to the strength based activity, this will depend on what part of the week it is and the previous days class, this way you can nail the fundamentals and continue to get stronger each and every day you train.

After this we will move to the high intensity section that will incorporate the muscles you used in the previous rounds, it can either be time based or rep based depending on the instructors choice as he/she sees the class benefiting most!


CrossFit Origins

Don't let the word CrossFit scare you, because it is an amazing training & weight loss system that develops and transforms your entire body through safe & functional exercises. Origins is your introduction to the world of CrossFit training in Phuket! Origins and Re-Inforced run Monday – Friday. Origins is our beginners to intermediate class when we’re talking in relation to the technica [...]

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CrossFit Phuket Class at Unit 27

CrossFit Reinforced

CrossFit Reinforced is the Intermediate/Advanced class – Constantly Varied Functional Movements at High Intensity. Been a Crossfitter for a while? Looking for something more challenging to push yourself beyond your current limits? Than CrossFit Re-Inforced is what you are looking for. Advanced CrossFit class focusing on skill and technique development! All on classes we focus on a ski [...]

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Unit 27 commits itself every day to providing quality strength & conditioning and advanced fitness training. With that in mind we also have a wealth of first class fitness, weight loss, conditioning, training and dietary advice available from our specialist instructors and coaches.

Check out Unit 27 news for upcoming events and press releases on what is going on at the Unit and our worldwide Unit 27 locations.

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