CrossFit Reinforced

CrossFit Reinforced

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CrossFit Reinforced is the Intermediate/Advanced class – Constantly Varied Functional Movements at High Intensity.

Been a Crossfitter for a while? Looking for something more challenging to push yourself beyond your current limits? Than CrossFit Re-Inforced is what you are looking for. Advanced CrossFit class focusing on skill and technique development!

All on classes we focus on a skill/strength and finish with a WOD, which we apply copious amounts of variety, and due to it being the more advanced class, a lot more technical movements. Our programming always has an end goal, so like origins the benefit of staying for longer is more. Strength and skill movements vary from simple dead-lifts to movements such as suitcase dead-lifts, the littlest changes in grip and posture, however really important as far as all body development goes.

We are the only officially certified & affiliated CrossFit gym in Phuket, with the best facilities and instructors, come down, pit yourself against our in house instructors, and lets see you work.

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Session times are dependent on your gyms location. You can find out class times and pricing by visiting locations website, by downloading the Unit 27 mobile apps and signing up for classes at your selected area.

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To find your locations correct sessions timetable and pricing, you simply download our app or register via our online booking system. The Unit 27 app allows you to register, book, pay for and reserve classes. Sessions are always in high demand and space is limited and they fill up fast. The booking system works on a first come first served basis, pick which classes you want to do and our app will deduct class credits from your purchased class credits total. Then you simply show up for good times and lots of sweating. You don’t even have to talk to the front desk, just walk straight into class for your workout!

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