About Mobilize

A combination of Yoga & Pilates adapted to enable athletes of all disciplines to obtain an effective stretch, develop core strength & build power whilst remaining injury free. 

Highly recommended to add this to your training program additionally, your body will thank you!

Class Time Frame:
  • 60 Minutes
  • Work time – 60 minutes
Maximum Number Of People:
  • 25 people
Class Level:
  • All Levels
Class Structure:
  • Instructor directs all movements thoroughly throughout the entire session

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Mobilize Extra Information

Mobilize was placed into the Unit-27 schedule in order to provide you Troopers with the perfect combination between pilates and yoga. Although the sensation of relaxation is applied at the start of the class, the class will enable you to correctly and safely improvement mobility throughout all joints and muscles leading to a safe performance in all Unit-27 classes.

The various postures also help to strengthen the joints, ligaments and tendons in the body giving them more flexibility and power and therefore also becoming an important tool in Injury prevention. The breathing rhythm in Yoga also helps to increase the clarity of the mind helping you to get rid of distractions and become more focused on your Training goals.

Mobilize Weekly Session Times

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