Beginners Programme

Beginners Programme

Unit-27 Beginners Programme

This is Unit-27’s specific beginners programme that provides you guys with the opportunity to join Unit-27 and not so to speak ‘jump into the deep end’. All programming will be focused on providing you as always a safe and comfortable environment to learn the fundamentals of movement patterns, and build upon the foundation of fitness you may or may not already have.

Each day has it’s own focus that compliments the current schedule at Unit-27. This can range from basic movement patterns coupled with a pulse raiser to start building that engine (cardiovascular capacity), to strength based work improving all the intricate details that so many gym’s overlook, and thus in turn causing you injuries. In addition to this, we will also take you out of the gym for an active recovery morning, this could either be for a walk on the beach, or a slow paced swim just to de load (giving your body a rest after a strenuous few days of training).

Watch A Beginners Programme Session

Beginners Programme Session VidBeginners Programme Session Vid

Beginners Programme Session Times

Session times are dependent on your gyms location. You can find out class times and pricing by visiting locations website, by downloading the Unit 27 mobile apps and signing up for classes at your selected area.

Join Unit 27

To find your locations correct sessions timetable and pricing, you simply download our app or register via our online booking system. The Unit 27 app allows you to register, book, pay for and reserve classes. Sessions are always in high demand and space is limited and they fill up fast. The booking system works on a first come first served basis, pick which classes you want to do and our app will deduct class credits from your purchased class credits total. Then you simply show up for good times and lots of sweating. You don’t even have to talk to the front desk, just walk straight into class for your workout!

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The Unit 27 Phuket website has moved to the following location We do apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused but we are currently in the process of expanding and thus in turn our page will now become a funnel to other locations. Thank you for understanding, The Unit. [...]

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