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Kalorie Killa

About Kalorie Killa

Proof is in the pudding here at Unit 27, we push your heart rate through the roof, and then we’re nice enough to let it come back down. In turn boosting metabolism and ensuring optimum fat loss. Come down and give it a go, if you dare.

Maybe its the name, maybe its the rest we give you, or maybe its just because its an awesome session! The busiest classes at Unit 27 are without doubt the Kalorie Killa’s!

Interval training at its finest, Tues & Thurs we run 3 rounds of complete Kalorie Killing, all based around resting more than what you actually work, but don’t be fooled, as well as being the busiest, they are without doubt up there as the hardest we have to offer. You’re split you into teams of 3 and base you all around the gym over 13 stations.

However, beware of the dots

Class Time Frame:
  • 75 Minutes
  • Work time – 45 minutes
Maximum Number Of People:
  • 39
Class Level:
  • All Levels
Class Structure:
  • The class is set to run as 13 stations
  • The class is split into 3 rounds, each round being different intervals
  • The goal is to achieve maximum output during your working intervals
  • When the whistle blows for your rest interval, you recover and move to the next station
  • Exercises vary every class – These can include the assault bike, sprints, box jumps, sled sprints, and so on
  • There will be different weights available per station to cater for all abilities

Watch A Kalorie Killa Session

Kalorie Killa Session VidKalorie Killa Session Vid

Kalorie Killa Information

Kalorie Killa is a team effort class where you and 2 others will rotate around 13 stations pushing yourselves to your limits trying to achieve the absolute maximum out on each station.

The class is described in detail by the Unit 27 coach after ensuring a nominal role call has been completed. Following this, the assistant coach then proceeds to take the class for stretching and a progressively warm up routine for up to 20 minutes.

As always the coach and assistant are there to make sure correct weight and technique is applied at all times.

Kalorie Killa Session Times

Session times are dependent on your gyms location. You can find out class times and pricing by visiting locations website, by downloading the Unit 27 mobile apps and signing up for classes at your selected area.

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To find your locations correct sessions timetable and pricing, you simply download our app or register via our online booking system. The Unit 27 app allows you to register, book, pay for and reserve classes. Sessions are always in high demand and space is limited and they fill up fast. The booking system works on a first come first served basis, pick which classes you want to do and our app will deduct class credits from your purchased class credits total. Then you simply show up for good times and lots of sweating. You don’t even have to talk to the front desk, just walk straight into class for your workout!

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