Mike Nicholson – S&C Instructor

Mike Nicholson – S&C Instructor

Mike Nicholson

After finishing playing football, I followed my passion into health and fitness. I started as a
leisure attendant at a local gym and worked my way through the ranks from gym instructor
to personal trainer to head coach. All this whilst completing an Advanced national diploma
in sport and performance. Following on from this I went to university to study sports
performance whilst still personal training and owning a sports supplement business. I then
moved to America to play soccer and coach for 12 months. Upon arrival back I completed a
my PGCE and started lecturing sports nutrition and strength and conditioning at collage and
then university.

I then took a short break from education to open a gym in the UK called Elite Functioning
Training. We outgrew our first 2 premises and developed into the leading functional training
center in the area.

After 5 busy and fun years I went back to university to complete my master’s degree in
sports nutrition, during this I completed several original case studies and wrote papers on
these. One study “The effects of creatine on peak muscle torque and body composition” was
published by the American college of medical science.

I then decided to move to Asia and open The Elite PT online coaching. I was then based in
Bali for 12 months whilst traveling around Asia (Phuket, Bangkok, Cambodia, Singapore, and
Bali) delivering performance nutrition seminars and guest coaching at the leading CrossFit
boxes and strength and conditioning gyms.

Upon completing my tour of Asia, I felt that Phuket, in particularly Unit 27 due to the staff
and members felt the most like home. I started this journey thinking i would never commit
to coaching out of just one facility again. However, for me this was a sign to settle in Phuket
and focus my efforts on one facility.


  • M.Sc. Sports Nutrition
  • PGCE (Post graduate certificate in education)
  • BA (HONS) Sports Performance
  • BTEC Advanced National Diploma in Sports Performance
  • Level 1 CrossFit
  • Level 3 Diploma in personal training
  • Level 3 Exercise to Music instructor
  • Level 3 Kettlebell instructor
  • Schwinn Spinning instructor
  • Tomahawk cycling spinning instructor
  • Les Mills body pump instructor
  • Les Mills body combat instructor

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