Training With Unit 27

Training With Unit 27

Thailand’s top body transformation Gym

Thousands of people have placed their trust in us here at Unit 27 since we opened. From total beginners, to those restarting their fitness regime or just looking to transform their bodies, all the way up to world class professional athletes. All have recognised the Unit 27 commitment, passion and drive for all things health & fitness related in Phuket. It’s not just a job for “The Unit Team“, it’s our way of life!

Our daily sessions range from morning Drill Sergeant, through to Kalorie Killa, Rapid Fire, Reloaded, Revolutions and many more. All are scientifically designed, and proven, to get you results quickly. All sessions can be regressed, or progressed accordingly, meaning that EVERYONE can find their level immediately and get the most from every class.

All Unit 27 Training Options

Total Conditioning, Body Transformation & CrossFit training in Phuket, brought to you exclusively by Unit 27.

The Punisher

Enter the gym at 07:45 and be prepared for a world of hurt on a Monday morning, one of the most intense classes we have to offer ‘The Punisher’ really promises to push your out of your comfort zone and into the hurt locker.

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Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire, like Morning Glory is one of our originals, however similar again, it has been adjusted to provide you guys with the ultimate strength and conditioning experience, providing amazing results to those that attend!

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AbScene (Ladies Only)

Custom designed strength & conditioning class for women who want to get fitter, look better, move faster and get back that ripped up summer beach body. You'll be pushed, you'll sweat buckets and you will love every second of it!

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Practice the traditional art of Yoga to relax your mind, body and spirit. Condition your mind & body through performing a series of physical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation, Yoga can help reduce stress, improve flexibility, posture and core strength.

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A proven system of stretching & strengthening exercises that work the core muscles. Improving muscle tone, control, flexibility, co-ordination & postural alignment. Small classes with close attention to form, applied by our highly experienced, Pilates Instructors.

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CrossFit Origins

Don't let the word CrossFit scare you, because it is an amazing training & weight loss system that develops and transforms your entire body through safe & functional exercises. Origins is your introduction to the world of CrossFit training in Phuket!

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CrossFit Reinforced

Been a Crossfitter for a while? Looking for something more challenging to push yourself beyond your current limits? Than CrossFit Re-Inforced is what you are looking for. Advanced CrossFit class focusing on skill and technique development!

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Kalorie Killa

Welcome to Kalorie Killa, a weight loss session designed to push your heart rate through the roof, allow it to return to rest and then repeat until the muscles burn. Kalorie Killa is a class that will most certainly boost your metabolism and fat loss potential. Proof is in the doing here at Unit 27, so come down, give it a go... if you dare!

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Tour De Unit

This is not a spin class, this is not for the timid or the weak, this is weight loss and conditioning training at its finest. Tour De Unit will never allow your mind or body to adapt to the exercises you'll be doing by utilising constantly varied exercises, thus in turn allowing for rapid body transformations, fat loss & improved endurance.

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Morning Glory

Morning Glory is pyramid style training and is one of the original classes to be run at Unit 27. The session works in a downward format, an example would be that you’d have 20 x Wall Balls, 20 x Burpee, 20 x Thruster and 3 x 40m Sprint. So come join us for some morning madness!

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Drill Sergeant

Drill Sergeant is interval training based around 2 to 3 exercises performed at a high repetition followed by some sort of a run, whether its an 80m sprint, a 1km run or some incline sprints. Which ever it is, I’m sure you can imagine, its not something that's for the faint hearted.

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Unit 27 spinning classes (Revolutions) are like no other you've likely tried before. A fully Air Conditioned rooms, brand new state of the art bikes, in house mixed playlist, lasers, LED's, press ups, sprints, strobes and the most dynamic & motivational instructors!

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Unit 27 commits itself every day to providing quality strength & conditioning fitness training here in Phuket. With that in mind we offer a range of exceptionally high quality training gear, equipment, clothing & accessories to meet your sessions head on & realize your maximum potential.

The Unit 27 online store is currently under-going construction, so for now if you are interested in any of our clothing or training gear, just drop by the front office and check it all out there with help from our friendly staff.

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TripAdvisor – Certificate of Excellence 2015-2017

Kicking ass & taking names… Today we are proud to announce that we have received the prestigious TripAdvisor Award for Excellence, not only a very hard earned accolade, but also one that we take very seriously and have worked hard to obtain. A huge thank you goes out from us to all of you today […]

Operation Transformation, a new bespoke weight loss program for Phuket, Thailand

Operation Transformation: Bespoke Weight Loss Phuket

Operation Transformation, a new bespoke weight loss program for Phuket, Thailand Today, we announced that we are launching a new, bespoke version of our weight loss program. The program or as we like to call it ‘Operation Transformation’ has been proven to help our members improve fitness and achieve sustainable and permanent weight loss results. […]

Unit 27 Gibbon Rehabilitation Project Fund Raiser

Unit 27 Gibbon Rehabilitation Project Fund Raiser

Over 10,000 Baht going to needy Gibbons Very happy to announce that the Unit 27 Gibbon Rehabilitation competition participants raised over 10,000 THB in a single morning of sweat, grunts and tears! We split the participants into four teams and pitched them against one another in a series of workouts designed to separate the men […]

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