Training With Unit 27

Training With Unit 27

Thailand’s top body transformation Gym

Thousands of people have placed their trust in us here at Unit 27 since we opened. From total beginners, to those restarting their fitness regime or just looking to transform their bodies, all the way up to world class professional athletes. All have recognised the Unit 27 commitment, passion and drive for all things health & fitness related in Phuket. It’s not just a job for “The Unit Team“, it’s our way of life!

Our daily sessions range from morning Drill Sergeant, through to Kalorie Killa, Rapid Fire, Reloaded, Revolutions and many more. All are scientifically designed, and proven, to get you results quickly. All sessions can be regressed, or progressed accordingly, meaning that EVERYONE can find their level immediately and get the most from every class.

All Unit 27 Training Options

Total Conditioning, Body Transformation & CrossFit training in Phuket, brought to you exclusively by Unit 27.

Tour De Unit class at Unit 27 Phuket, Thailand

Tour De Unit

Think spinning, think strength and conditioning and think festival, and there you have it, Tour de Unit summed up. The spin bikes are taken out of the spin room and placed outside into our main conditioning area. You are then given an introduction to what you'll be doing, and this varies constantly, as you will/have discovered our instructors are hugely innovative and change classes pretty muc [...]

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Yoga class at Unit 27 gym, Phuket, Thailand


Practice the traditional art of Yoga to relax your mind, body and spirit. Condition your mind & body through performing a series of physical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation, Yoga can help reduce stress, improve flexibility, posture and core strength. The ancient art of Yoga is a subtle but important part of the training we offer. Our Instructor Khun Note teaches a system of Ha [...]

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Death Row class at Unit 27 gym Phuket, Thailand

Death Row

Hints in the name, imagine all your worst fears compiled into one lesson with no mercy and hardly any rest. The newest addition to Unit-27 schedule is built around how fit and how fast you are. 40 minutes of hard work ensuring that full metabolic conditioning work out. Come along, if you dare!! Sign Up Today! [...]

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Rapid Fire session outline with Dayle at Unit 27 gym Phuket Thailand

Rapid Fire

Rapid fire is all about strength and conditioning and everyday we have a different focus. During high season we run two Rapid Fire classes each day, during low season just one. The focused sessions allow you to improve in specific areas, whether that be strength, endurance, power or speed. You’re fresh and that means we can really push your maxes as far as lifting goes. The coach wil [...]

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Morning Glory high intensity class at Unit 27 Gym

Morning Glory

Morning Glory we as instructors personally think can be one of the most mentally challenging sessions we offer due to the way we format it. We run Morning glory Monday (09:30 – 10:30) and Tues – Sat (08:00 – 09:00) however it runs adjacent to Drill Sergeant. The whole session is explained with all exercises demonstrated, number one in our gym is correct form, correct form = correct re [...]

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Pilates class at Unit 27, Phuket, Thailand


A proven system of stretching & strengthening exercises that work the core muscles. Improving muscle tone, control, flexibility, co-ordination & postural alignment. Small classes with close attention to form, applied by our highly experienced, Pilates Instructors. Pilates is a great way to start the day, stretching in the cool morning air of Phuket. Pilates if practiced regularly will he [...]

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Drill Sergeant high intensity class at Unit 27 Gym, Phuket, Thailand

Drill Sergeant

It's a love hate relationship, love it once you're finished, and hate it while doing it. Monday (09:30 – 10:30) and Tues – Sat (08:00 – 09:00) we run Morning Glory and Drill Sergeant adjacent to one another. The whole session is explained with all exercises demonstrated, number one in our gym is correct form, correct form = correct results! Drill Sergeant is based on 2/3 exercises [...]

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High Intensity session at Unit 27, Phuket, Thailand

Kalorie Killa

Proof is in the pudding here at Unit 27, we push your heart rate through the roof, and then we’re nice enough to let it come back down. In turn boosting metabolism and ensuring optimum fat loss. Come down and give it a go, if you dare. Here we have it, maybe its the name, maybe its the rest we give you, or maybe its just because its an awesome session! The busiest classes at Unit 27 are w [...]

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Revolutions session at Unit 27 gym Phuket


Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life. Have you been to a spin class back home? We challenge you to find better than this. Our designated spin room is kitted out to feel like a night club, with sound proof walls, air conditioning, speakers in close proximity of the bikes, and our instructor linked up to the in house microphone, there is no escape for instruction. Choreograph [...]

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The Punisher session at Unit 27 gym Phuket, Thailand

The Punisher

The methods employed during The Punisher session are scientifically proven to improve anaerobic and aerobic capacity. The way we structure The Punisher, we not only improve cardiovascular fitness but we also improve core strength. The session is explained with all exercises demonstrated, number one in our gym is correct form, correct form = correct results! Whatever exercise you use though, [...]

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AbScene class at Unit 27 Gym Phuket Thailand


We run AbScene 2 mornings a week, and its dedicated to our faithful Unit 27 female clients. The whole session is explained with all exercises demonstrated, number one in our gym is correct form, correct form = correct results! A class purely designed by our female instructors to get those buns tight and those legs pumping. Working in partners, it's all about time under tension, nothing [...]

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Unit 27 commits itself every day to providing quality strength & conditioning fitness training here in Phuket. With that in mind we offer a range of exceptionally high quality training gear, equipment, clothing & accessories to meet your sessions head on & realize your maximum potential.

The Unit 27 online store is currently under-going construction, so for now if you are interested in any of our clothing or training gear, just drop by the front office and check it all out there with help from our friendly staff.

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Trip Advisor Custom Wallpaper

TripAdvisor – Certificate of Excellence 2015-2017

Kicking ass & taking names… Today we are proud to announce that we have received the prestigious TripAdvisor Award for Excellence, not only a very hard earned accolade, but also one that we take very seriously and have worked hard to obtain. A huge thank you goes out from us to all of you today […]

Operation Transformation, a new bespoke weight loss program for Phuket, Thailand

Operation Transformation: Bespoke Weight Loss Phuket

Operation Transformation, a new bespoke weight loss program for Phuket, Thailand Today, we announced that we are launching a new, bespoke version of our weight loss program. The program or as we like to call it ‘Operation Transformation’ has been proven to help our members improve fitness and achieve sustainable and permanent weight loss results. […]

Unit 27 Gibbon Rehabilitation Project Fund Raiser

Unit 27 Gibbon Rehabilitation Project Fund Raiser

Over 10,000 Baht going to needy Gibbons Very happy to announce that the Unit 27 Gibbon Rehabilitation competition participants raised over 10,000 THB in a single morning of sweat, grunts and tears! We split the participants into four teams and pitched them against one another in a series of workouts designed to separate the men […]

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