The Unit 27 Team

The Unit 27 Team

Motivating, knowledgeable, passionate and empathetic, Unit-27’s coaches are the best in the business when it comes to helping you reach the goals you’re personally looking for. We guarantee you will not find a better team, anywhere!

Qualified & Friendly instructors

Unit 27 Instructors are always polite, professional, helpful and highly motivated to work with you to achieve your most sought after fitness goals. Our Instructors are English speaking, western qualified, always approachable and guarantee to meet you with a smile! If you have trouble during a session, we will coach and encourage you to achieve the very best from yourself through positive reinforcement, form correction, motivational methods and prioritization of your standards and training goals.

An elite selection of fitness experts

Unit-27, Phuket, Thailand

Rob Hallam – Co-Owner & Founder

Rob previously served a number of years in the British Army deployed globally as a Commando Forces Soldier, Recruit Instructor & Operational Bomb Disposal Officer. Upon leaving the Army he worked as a Civilian Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Operator in challenging environments such as Mozambique, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq until he formed Ubique Solutions. Ubique Solutions [...]

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Unit-27, Phuket, Thailand

Dayle Hallam – Co-Owner & Founder

Dayle moved to Phuket, Thailand to open Unit-27 in 2013. Since then Dayle has been the influence behind the entire programming and designing of classes that are held daily at Unit-27 as well as the design of the facilities. Not only being the primary developer of the programming at Unit-27, he was heavily involved in the designing of systems and processes across all businesses, including Troop [...]

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Unit-27 Phuket Thailand Sean O'Brien

Sean O’ Brien – General Manager

Sean was born and raised in Ireland and has been in the fitness industry for over 6 years now. Sean graduated with an Honors degree in Strength & Conditioning from Setanta College Ireland. Sean has coached in some of Ireland's leading fitness gyms and moved to Thailand in 2023 to start his journey as coach and general manager at Unit 27. Sean has an intensive knowledge of working with sport te [...]

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Unit-27 Phuket Thailand Josh Ryeland

Josh Ryeland – S&C Instructor

Josh, a dedicated Strength and Conditioning Coach, is sure to bring the energy to any class, whether it’s leading the classes or hopping in himself. Born and raised in Plymouth, UK, he pursued his passion for sports growing up while playing football and supporting his beloved Plymouth Argyle. His journey led to a First-Class Honors BSc in Sports Rehabilitation with Strength and Conditioning. [...]

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Unit-27 Phuket Thailand Michelle

Michelle – S&C Instructor

Michelle is from South Africa and has been in the fitness industry for 8 years. She has competed in high level CrossFit, participating as an individual at the CrossFit Games in 2019 and 2022. Michelle has also earned herself multiple awards in weightlifting as well as obstacle course racing in South Africa. Michelle has passion for motivating people and helping them realize their full potentia [...]

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Sarawut Ounin instructor at Unit 27 gym, Phuket, Thailand

Sarawut Ounin – S&C Instructor

Sarawut Ounin, also know as Oh or Mr. O is our longest standing Thai member of the team. Hailing from Sakolnakorn, Esan, he relocated to Phuket in 2008 to chase his bodybuilding dreams and in turn we were luckily enough to capture Oh from one of the local gyms. Throughout his time with us he’s blossomed into what can only be described as an outstanding gentleman and member of the team. Wi [...]

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Unit-27 Phuket Thailand Nick Darun

Nick Darun – S&C Instructor

Nick was born, and grew up in Phuket. He started playing badminton when he was 5 years old. At 9 years old he became a member of his school badminton athlete team. Nick continued playing sports as he grew older with his main focus being in weight training, Crossfit and marathon running. From 2016 he decided to follow his passion for fitness and changed his career stream from IT to s [...]

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Unit-27 Phuket Thailand Giggy

Giggy Inklin – S&C Instructor

Giggy is originally from Bangkok, and moved to Phuket in 2019. Started training and working out a few years prior but discovered CrossFit just before moving to Phuket and totally fell in love with it! Weightlifting is one of the most favorite parts of her daily training program, alongside gymnastics (especially handstand walks). Bringing a wealth of coaching knowledge along from her previous c [...]

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Fitness Phuket

Unit 27 commits itself every day to providing quality strength & conditioning and advanced fitness training here in Phuket, Thailand. With that in mind we also have a wealth of first class fitness, weight loss, conditioning, training and dietary advice available from our specialist instructors and coaches.

Check out the Unit 27 fitness Phuket blog for training tips, diet advice, weight loss, upcoming events and of course up to date news on what is going on at the Unit and other Unit 27 group facilities.

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Unit-27 Online Coaching Academy

Unit-27 6 Week Santa Shred

We at Unit-27 have come to the reality that we won't be seeing many of you by the end of the year, but we are ok with that, because we believe it's time now to offer you the next best thing, by bringing Unit-27 TO YOU! We are launching a 6 week online coaching programme that boasts all the utensils in which you wish you could have on a fitness app such as the below: To ensure that we can provide you guys with the best service possible we are only accepting 10 Troopers on initially for the Six Week Santa Shred! The Academy was born out of a desire to get online coaching in the pockets of everyone who needs it and in true Unit-27 [...]

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Unit-27, Phuket, Thailand

Blood Pressure, Stress & Maximal Results

The pressure of circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels. Most of this pressure is done by the heart pumping blood through the circulatory system. It’s expressed in terms of the systolic pressure, maximum during one heartbeat over diastolic pressure, minimum in between 2 heart beats. It is measures in millimetres of mercury (mmHg) above the surrounding atmospheric pressure. One of the easiest things that I like to use that really shows an insight into someone’s health health is blood pressure. Research shows that 68% of all mortality risk, occurs with a systolic blood pressure between 120 on 140 (Altern, 2002). Now if yo [...]

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FOT Transformation Photo

Unit-27 Academy 4 Week Challenge!

We’d like to say a special thank you to the 300+ of you who took part in our 'Foundations Of a Transformation' online program last month. It was a huge success with some drastic results, massive lifestyle changes and an amazing community built along the way. We know that your time at Unit-27 is special but unfortunately represents a small % of your year. Our vision is to impact your health and fitness positively before and after you’ve left the Unit so keep your eyes peeled for more exciting announcements from us on how we’ll be doing just that. We look forward to welcoming Danielle with us in August for the Trooper on Tour, [...]

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