Songkran Workout!

Songkran Workout!

A day to remember!

Songkran is something that those of us who have been blessed enough to call Thailand home for a long duration of time know what to expect every year. However, Unit-27 is so blessed to show those who are new to Thailand every year what it’s all about, and that’s all about having fun, and really throwing yourself into the culture of Thailand.

It’s Thailands most famous festival, an incredibly important event on the buddhist calendar and marks the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year!

Unit-27 is renowned for throwing a good competition, but this year, we really out did ourselves, with 4 incredibly (probably oversized) “floaties”, to dunk tanks and flip cups the smile on everyone’s faces were incredibly evident from start till finish. Four zones were occupied by the total of over 120 people each being manned by 2+ coaches.

All floaties had to remain held overhead at all times, if they were even dropped to the floor or near at any time, the coaches had the opportunity to punish the athletes, which of course, you know the Unit-27 coaches LOVE to do!

We had 4 teams:

Team Unicorn
Team Flamingo
Team Swan
Team Duck

Team Songkran Photo Unit-27 Phuket Thailand

Team Songkran Photo Unit-27 Phuket Thailand

Main Unit (Left Side)

Athletes were asked to complete 5 exercises, across 5 lanes, including a sprint, and once doing so equaling 1 point. If they managed to sprint up the sprint track and flip the cup, they then doubled their individual point count. Safe to Say Head Coach Adrian Allen and Coach Nick had their hands full with cups being flipped left right and centre!

Main Unit (Right Side)

Jibby and Mr Oh were tasked with providing athletes the opportunity to rack up as many sled pushes as they could in the allotted time. But of course, in true Unit-27 fashion athletes were made to complete calories on the assault bike, before performing up and overs, and then finally become deserving of the opportunity to push a sled to the end of the gym!

At the end of the time, Mr Oh sat on his perch (the dunk tank) and athletes had the opportunity to accumulate further points by hitting the target and dunking Mr Oh deep into the freezing barrel of water. It’s safe to say Mr Oh was dunked…. A lot.

CrossFit Phuket

CrossFit King and Queen Billy and Nathalie had the luxury of providing a tasty AMRAP involving DOUBLE burpee box jump overs, assault bikes, Ground to Overheads and so much more. Whilst of course ensuring that the athletes held their big floaties over head. Each round being completed equalled a score on the board, and when they headed to zone 4, it was safe to say, they had been put through their paces!

The Hill!

Manned by Dayle and Tamika, ‘The Hill’ was a zone where each customer was warned it was about to get real! Dayle with hose in hand causing somewhat of a pressure washer and Tamika ensuring that all athletes were completing reps to the Unit-27 standard the entire time the athletes were on the hill was sheer joy, but we’re not sure for who more, the coaches or the athletes…

Athletes had to work in sync to perform a certain exercise and upon completion grabbed their buckets, fill them with water and ran 50m down the hill to fill the black bins with as much water as humanly possible. The winner? The team that filled the most bins!

Shoulder taps and burpees with a hose being shoved in your face made for great viewing, but difficult breathing… What a time to be alive!

Big shout out to Trooper Eats Manager Jordan for coming down and adding more water and fun to the games, and Myles (Unit-27 Legendary Customer) who paraded around with a boombox on his shoulder presenting the tunes to keep the athletes going!

We can’t thank the athletes enough for having such an incredible day with us, and for Noon for capturing the incredible video below, he’s for sure one big talent… Oh and one last thing..

Congratulations Team Unicorn on the win!


Songkran WorkoutSongkran Workout
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