The Ultimate Fitness Retreat!

The Ultimate Fitness Retreat!

Trooper on Tour

The ultimate fitness retreat to take away all the stresses of traveling alone, and be part of something extremely special!

Fly to paradise, become the best version of yourself and do it alongside a group of others with your own host!

What are you waiting for?

Trooper on TourTrooper on Tour

I’ve had the best two weeks of my life. It’s been the most incredible experience from start to finish and I’m heartbroken to see it come to an end – Laura Shortall


Trooper on Tour is designed to encapsulate what it means to travel to Phuket and experience Unit 27 in all its greatness. Having your own group coach who will be not only educating you, coaching you but guiding you is what separates Trooper on Tour from the rest.

Your tour will include the below:

  • Private group class every day with Unit 27 Coach – Mike Nicholson.
  • An appointed host to guide you and take care of you & a nutritional seminar.
  • Classes everyday across all Unit 27 facilities.
  • Accommodation (A number of choices available).
  • Meals at Unit 27’s amazing restaurant – Trooper Eats.
  • Excursion throughout the week including your own private yacht trip to the islands of Phuket.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Group videographer and photographer to capture all the life changing moments.

Each tour is designed to provide you with the greatest experience you could ever have here in Phuket, Thailand.. That’s a guarantee!

Fancy seeing a bit more of the fun we have? CLICK BELOW!

Trooper on TourTrooper on Tour

I came to Unit 27 to get out of my comfort zone, to push myself to limits I thought I never had, or that I thought were possible. Would I recommend it? HELL YEAH! – Kathleen Waugh

Dates Available

8th October 2023 – 15th October 2023

To receive a brochure just fill out the application form below!

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Pricing & Packages

We have always worked very hard to keep our pricing system here at Unit 27 simple & inexpensive. If you want to do a single class or session, that is no problem, drop in anytime! But if you are interested in a more serious training program while you're in Phuket, Thailand, then check out our packages for fitness training, strength & conditioning, weight loss & body transformation goals, intelligently packaged all under the one plan.

If you haven't visited us at Unit 27 yet, then come and try us out. If you tell us at the end of your first visit that it was not at the standard you expected from a dedicated Strength & Conditioning gym here in Phuket, then we'll give you a full refund on the spot, no questions asked !!!! So, all you have to do is commit to a session, then be prepared to sweat a little!

View pricing

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