Carbohydrates For Fitness & Weight Loss

Carbohydrates For Fitness & Weight Loss

Carbohydrates & how we use them and why they are vital to performance

It’s a common theory that carbohydrates are the enemy, and the simplest form of editing your diet in order to achieve fat loss is to just lower the amount of carbohydrates in your diet. In reality, lowering the amount of carbs can help slightly with weight loss, but that depends heavily on how much you were or are consuming in the first place.

First and foremost it’s very important to understand the role in which carbohydrates play in the overall performance of an individual. Their main responsibility is to provide the host consuming them with energy. They’re the body’s main source of fuel, needed for physical activity, brain function and the healthy operation of organs.

Once ingested, carbohydrates are turned into glucose, which is also referred to as blood sugar. A certain amount of the glucose produced is used as energy and the rest being stored for later use. As your blood sugar levels rise, your pancreas pumps out more insulin, which is a hormone that tells cells to absorb glucose for energy or storage. Then effectively stored glucose is released due to signals being sent and glucagon being made.

How does this develop our performance as individuals?

Well after understanding the above, you can understand that athletic performance can only be increased by carbohydrate intake, by delaying fatigue and thus in turn allowing the athlete to compete at a higher level for longer.

As far as muscle gain is concerned, without an adequate amount of stored glucose in the body, other nutrients, such as fat and muscle protein are used as a form of energy. With the correct amount of carbohydrates in the body, protein can be free to do its main job of repairing, rebuilding and maximizing muscle gain.

Stefan Northfield - CHIEF Instructor at Unit 27 gym Phuket, Thailand

Stefan Northfield – CHIEF Instructor at Unit 27 gym Phuket, Thailand

In simple terms the over consumption of carbohydrates in anyone’s diet can be detrimental to body composition and performance, however if you dwindle your intake down to a minimal amount, the individual will suffer and potentially your efforts during training can lower.

Your body needs carbohydrates to perform efficiently and effectively and if your training includes intense routines, you need high quality energy to perform at your best!

Need More Fuel For Your Body?

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If you need to get your intake under control with a dedicated weight loss and dietary plan, than you should get in coontact with us to get started with a Unit 27 meal plan!

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